Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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This guide contains useful advices and addresses for emigrants to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brasil, South-Africa, Palestine and Autralia. [Collection item]
This booklet gives advice on how to educate little children in a healthy manner. [Collection item]
During the Interbellum, the ORT established vocational schools in Poland and the Baltic States and in a few cities of the Soviet-Union. Three photo's from: O.R.T. : Gezelshaft tsu farshpreyten... [Collection item]
A protest against the repression of the revolt of the Russian sailors by the Bolshevik authorities in Leningrad in 1921.  From the brochure: 'Kronstad the Paris Commune'. [Collection item]
One of the many examples of 'classic' anarchist texts translated into Yiddish.  [Collection item]
Benjamin Feigenbaum (1860-1932) was a true master of anti-religious satire. He used the religious knowledge he received from his chassidic father to propagate socialism.  [Collection item]
The Russian Social Revolutionary Party in exile in Londen also tried to gain members among the Jewish workers of the immigrant Eastside. To this end the party published their own Yiddish pamphlets... [Collection item]
The Yiddish revolutionary propagandists tried to give Jewish tradition and the traditional Jewish festivals a new and socialist definition. A good example of this kind of propaganda is a popular... [Collection item]
Anti-religious propaganda in the form of a prayer-book.   Two pages from the book and an advertisement on the back for a would be prayer book for the New Year and the Day of Atonement.  [Collection item]