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In September 2008 the IISH was happy to receive an important addition to its rich archive on the anarchist, Anton Constandse. Constandse's grandson, Paul van der Gaag, donated hundreds of his letters... [Collection highlight]
The IISH received the papers of Jan Petrus de Putter papers through the kind agency of his family.De Putter grew up in Zeeland-Flanders, received vocational training as an Indian civil servant, and... [Collection highlight]
Een omvangrijke aanvulling op het archief van Elisabeth (Bep) Fisher-Spanjer kwam in januari 2008 binnen. Geboren in Amsterdam in 1915, groeide Bep Spanjer op in een links-revolutionair... [Collection highlight]
In February 1934, representatives of revolutionary-socialist youth organizations from all quarters of the world gathered in Laren, the Netherlands, to discuss the establishment of an International... [Collection highlight]
Tom Küsters was born in Groesbeek in 1943. Although he died in this same town in 2008, he was deeply involved in the world outside the Netherlands throughout his active life.In the 1970s he... [Collection highlight]
Het IISG ontving een collectie rond de sociaal-democraat en zionist Eliazer (Leo) Frank. Frank  werd geboren in Groningen 1908 in een arm Joods gezin. Aanvankelijk Zionist, werkte hij vanuit... [Collection highlight]
In the first months of 2011 the IISH acquired the papers of the Amsterdam lawyer and judge Willem van Bennekom. Born in Amsterdam in 1941 Van Bennekom grew up in Middelburg, in the southwest of the... [Collection highlight]
In 1936 the board of the Dutch Christian Industry and Transport Workers Union decided that it was time for a new propaganda film. The Dutch Film Association 'Visie" (Vision) was given the commission... [Collection highlight]
Jacob van Slooten was an electrotechnical engineer who worked in Philips' physics laboratory in Eindhoven. He also published articles and books in the field of philosophy and astrology, e.g., Maan-... [Collection highlight]
Theo van Tijn (1927-1992) held the chair in economic and social history at Utrecht University from 1969 until 1992. Along with his scholarly work, he was very active in areas related to the... [Collection highlight]