Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Debat in samenwerking met Spui 25 (amsterdam).Afrika wordt door velen gezien als ‘het verloren continent’. Straatarm en niet in staat dezelfde groeispurt door te maken als veel Aziatische landen.... [Event]
The conference Almshouses in Europe from the late Middle Ages to the Present - Comparisons and Peculiarities will take place in Haarlem (Doopsgezinde Kerk), the Netherlands, on 7-9 September 2011.... [Event]
Arm en Rijk is het thema van de Maand van de Geschiedenis 2012. Het IISG houdt zich al sinds zijn oprichting in crisisjaar 1935 bezig met de verhouding tussen arm en rijk, waarbij de nadruk steeds op... [Collection highlight]
Het IISG is gevestigd op enkele honderden meters van de plaats waar in de jaren '20 en '30 een armenkolonie huisde: Zeeburgerdorp. Zeeburgerdorp werd in 1926 gesticht met de bedoeling arme ‘asociale... [Collection highlight]
On November 17-18 the workshop 'The Social Question in Global Perspective' was held organized by the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research and the International Institute of Social History... [News]
The theme of X-Mas in the Golden Age was Generosity.The Dutch were far from thrifty: the 17,500 inhabitants of the city of Delft, for instance, donated 5000 guilders (the equivalent of 70,000 euro)... [News]
This project deals with the history of philanthropy in the Dutch Golden Age.  Dutch funding organization NWO had funded the research project Giving in the Golden Age with 500.000 euro during the... [Project]
'Naples, December 1765. The populousness of Naples is so remarkable that a stranger, the first time he passes through some parts of the city, would imagine the people were assembled in the streets on... [Item of the Day]
The Conference of Latin American Bishops at Medellín, Colombia stated on 6 September 1968: 'There are many studies of the Latin American people. All of these studies describe the misery that besets... [Item of the Day]
Clarinna Stringer, a widow with four children living in Carlton, Australia, was starving. She was refused relief by the local charity. By June 1892, she was well behind with the rent and the bailiffs... [Item of the Day]