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The second International Conference Strikes and Social Conflicts: Combined approaches to conflicts (Eighteenth century to the present) will take place in Maison des Sciences de L’Homme, Dijon (France... [Event]
De spoorwegstakingen van 1903Onder de titel 'Gansch het raderwerk...' is in De Burcht te Amsterdam tot en met 17 augustus 2003 een tentoonstelling te zien over de spoorwegstakingen van 1903. De... [Event]
Boekpresentatie In 1970 brak de grootste na-oorlogse haven- en metaalstaking in Rotterdam uit. Deze staking was de aanzet tot een massale stakingsbeweging in Nederland waar uiteindelijk meer dan een... [Event]
Since the 1970's there has been a dramatic decline in strike activity in most western countries. This decline can be seen in the ILO statistics on the subject, but also in the data published by the... [Event]
The posters from the May '68 Paris student movement became immediate collectors' items. An explosion of creativity accompanied the rebellion of the students: new slogans ("Ce nest qu'un début"), new... [Image gallery]
In May 1968 students in Paris occupied university buildings to launch an avalanche of protests and strikes against the authorities. This was only the beginning of a wide-ranging social and cultural... [Image gallery]
Since the IISH has only little original archival material about the former Dutch colony of Suriname, an unexpected acquisition of the papers of Bert Nelemans is particularly welcome. They were... [Collection highlight]
A special issue of International Labor and Working Class History (83, Spring 2013) tackles the theme Strikes and Social Conflicts. Social conflicts form a major axis of 20th century history and... [News]
The new online publication Striking Numbers: New approaches to strike research brings together seven contributions on new quantitative historical research on strike activity in various countries... [News]
Ruim 16.000 stakingen en uitsluitingen in Nederland in de jaren 1372-2008 zijn nu online doorzoekbaar. De stakingsdatabase vermeldt onder andere de deelnemers, de aantallen stakers, de betrokken... [General page]