Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Seminar on the Research Paper “Labour in the Construction of 'the Great North Road' in Gold Coast (Ghana): 1900-1942” by Dr. Samuel Aniegye Ntewusu, senior researcher at the African Studies Centre of... [Event]
Panel Workers across Africa: global and transnational labour history and labour studies, organized at the 5th European Conference on African Studies (ECAS 2013): African dynamics in a multipolar... [Event]
Workshop as part of IISH reseach project In the Same Boat? Shipbuilding and ship repair workers: a global labour history (1950-2010)More information on the project: [Event]
Towards a Global History of Domestic Workers and CaregiversThe conference focuses on the global history of domestic workers in private homes, a labour market that over time has included, in addition... [Event]
The conference explores the history of convict labour from a global and long-term (1500-2010) perspective.The work of inmates is considered in all its historical manifestations: aboard the galleys,... [Event]
Concept Programme for workshop 'Labor Relations in the Lusophone World, 1800-2000'14.00 – 14.40: Sónia Ferreira, Antonio Monteiro Cardoso & João Valente – Labor Relations in Portugal, 1800-200014... [Event]
Final Workshop of the Global Collaboratory on the History of Labour Relations, 1500-2000 [Event]
Lecture: "Labour relations of domestic workers in the Middle East" by Antoinette de VliegerStarting time: 15:00  [Event]
Conference: "Selling Sex in the City: Prostitution in World Cities, 1600 to the Present".Concluding conference of the project with the same name. The aim of this project is to write a global and... [Event]
The International Institute of Social History will organize a small workshop on the question 'What is the working class?' The central issue is the clarification of theoretical issues, focusing on the... [Event]