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Since the late 1960s, the flourishing economy of Iran had been attracting many Afghan labourers. Following the political upheavals in the mid 1970s in Afghanistan, the massive influx of Afghan... [Image gallery]
The history of migrants and their organizations and the history of labor migration have recently become a major research theme at the IISH. Collections at the Institute, including those from long ago... [Collection guide]
For several years now the IISH has had a small collection on the Puerto Rican National Movement, which deals with Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican communities in the United States, donated by Ira... [Collection highlight]
In the 1920s the Dutch architect Han van Loghem and his wife Berthe Neumeijer traveled  to the Soviet Union, where they settled in Kemerovo in eastern Siberia. Van Loghem was invited by the Dutch... [Collection highlight]
In the beginning of the 20th century, Dutch expats worked and lived in Stoupky (now Artemovsk), Ukraine, near the Peter the Great salt mine.Leendert Willem van den Muyzenberg became director of this... [Collection highlight]
A rich documentation on the Roma, caravan dwellers, and other nomadic groups in Europe is included in the collection given by Mrs. Josephine Verspaget (born in 1946) in 2010. As a member of... [Collection highlight]
The IISH has been hosting the Historical Image Archive on Migrants on its website for several years. Sometimes this project yield archival material well, such as on the Slovenian and Yugoslav miners... [Collection highlight]
Afscheidsfoto gemaakt in 's Lands Hospitaal (Paramaribo) in februari 1957 van de eerste door het psychiatrisch ziekenhuis Maasoord in Poortugaal geworven groep leerling-verpleegsters. Van links naar... [Collection item]
'Globalising Migration History: the Eurasian experience (16th-21st centuries)' edited by IISH Research Fellow Jan Lucassen and IISH's coming Research Director Leo Lucassen, addresses the problem of... [News]
From 23 until 25 March, thirty prominent researchers from all over the world will meet at the IISH to discuss the theme Exile Studies in Global Labour History and Global Migration History. Both... [News]