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IISH in Dutch Poster Project

Almost 52,000 posters have been made available in the Poster project of the Memory of the Netherlands. Seven institutions managing Dutch heritage, IISH one of them, have joined forces to provide a representative picture of the main political, cultural and historical posters in the Netherlands from 1870 to the present. Over 22,000 posters come from the IISH collection.

The poster collection of the IISH is one of the largest in the Netherlands. At the moment the collection consists of 116,386  posters, of which approximately 55,000 from the Netherlands. This collection contains mainly posters from Dutch political parties (SDAP, PvdA, CPN, PSP), trade unions (NVV, FNV, CNV) and from groups campaigning for peace, students' rights, international solidarity, environmental issues, and better housing.

29 June 2012