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Private Life in Russia 1900-2000

The SNS REAAL Fund awarded a generous grant to initiate an international exhibition project on Russia in the twentieth century.
Based on photos, film fragments, documents, and objects from daily life, the exhibition is intended to illustrate the development of Russian family life, the distribution of domestic and care-taking tasks, and the role of the family in confronting the hardships of a turbulent century.

The project aims at intensifying private memories versus Russia's collective memory, which still tends to build on ideology and the heroic deeds of the nation and its leaders. The exhibition will be shown both in Moscow and Rotterdam, and is of interest to an international public. A web version is also in preparation.

The exposition is organized by IISH staff members Gijs Kessler and Irina Novichenko with the help of a team of Dutch and Russian historians, designers, and museum curators. Intellectual, cultural, and educational societies in both countries are cooperating in this effort. Materials will be drawn from Russian museum and archival collections, private archives, and the IISH.

24 September 2009