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Renovation IISH Building

The IISH building is undergoing a major renovation in 2012. The renovation affects the exterior and interior of the building and may cause a variety of unpleasant effects (noise, smells, dust). We strive to limit the inconvenience for our visitors, but this will not always be possible.

Expected Nuisance in the Reading Room

Visitors of the reading room may expect noise nuisance due to construction work.
The work may also affect public services: possible longer waiting times for delivering documents and some reproduction orders may temporarily not be dealt with.
We try to limit the inconvenience for our visitors as much as possible.

Sketch of the new entrance:


As of 7 May 2012 the following renovations started:

  1. renovation of the entrance (June-Dec)
  2. replacement of the staff room windows (finished)
  3. renovation of the cafetaria (Aug-Jan)
  4. painting of the exterior walls (finished)

All renovations will be finished on 21 January 2013.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate for your understanding.
The planning is liable to change, please check this website for the latest news.

Last updated: 5 December 2012

17 April 2012