Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

Region Desks

Africa (sub-Sahara) Desk
Head Africa (sub-Sahara) Desk - Stefano Bellucci

Eastern Europe & Russia Desk
Head Eastern Europe & Russia Desk - Gijs Kessler

Latin America and Carribean Desk
Head Latin America Desk - Rossana Barragán

Middle East & Central Asia Desk
Head Middle East & Central Asia Desk - Touraj Atabaki

South Asia Desk
South Asia Desk - Willem van Schendel

South East Asia Desk
Chief Collectors - Eef Vermeij

The IISH's region desks reflect the traditional aims and objectives of the Institute: to safeguard materials from opposition and other social movements, thereby ensuring that they are not destroyed or lost. In 1935, the IISH was founded with this specific mission in mind. The classical (and largest) collections of the IISH concerns the European social history.
Today, there is a pressing need to preserve and maintain documents on social history outside of Europe. Local archives in the region are not always equipped to do so or there may be concerns that more controversial collections will not find a safe depository at a local level. The IISH prides itself as being a forerunner in organizing the collection of these important materials.