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Today in Labour History

2 April 1914
Tractatus de contractibus mercatorum. Fol. I recto : incipit tractatus de contractibus mercatorum reverendi patris fratris Johannis Nider...(Coloniae : Ulric Zell, 1468)
Source: NEHA EHB Br Ned/1470:1

NEHA founded

On 2 April 1914, the Nederlandsch Economisch Historisch Archief NEHA was founded. The NEHA,  the most important organization in the field of economic history in the Netherlands, is in a sense the "maternal organization" of the IISH. Both institutes were founded by N.W. Posthumus. The NEHA - housed at the IISH - has a collection that ranks among the international top in the economic-historical area. The oldest publication in the NEHA collection and probably the first printed discussion of business ethics known to the western world is Johannis Nider, Tractatus de contractibus mercatorum, printed in Cologne in 1468.

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