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11th Conference on Qajar Studies and Inauguration of the Qajar Documentation Centre at the International Institute of Social HistoryThe first day of the conference will be held at the International... [Event]
A Social History of Labour in the Iranian Oil Industry is a research project at the International Institute of Social History (IISH) in Amsterdam, headed by Prof. Touraj Atabaki. It aims to study... [Event]
In rethinking the Qajar period (1781-1925), Nasser ed-Din Shah's reign (1848-1896) could be seen as a pivotal point in the study of social history in modern Iran. Furthermore, the turn of the... [Event]
The Triumphs and Travails of Authoritarian Modernisation in Turkey and IranTwentieth-Century History from Below  The practice of authoritarian modernisation in post-First World War Turkey and Iran... [Event]
In the course of its history, Iran has experienced many eventful epochs. The last century was far from exceptional in this respect: the country was ravaged by three major wars (1914-1918, 1941-1945,... [Event]
Abstracts of papers presented during the conference: 1. Memoirs from the Left in IranErvand Abrahamian (City University of New York)Since the l979 revolution reams of political memoirs have emerged... [Event]
IISH PhD fellow Peyman Jafari has received the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to conduct part of his research at the Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies department of Columbia... [News]
The Dr Sadiqi Research Fund was established with generous support from the Centre for Iranian Documentation and Research (CIDR) at the International Institute of Social history (IISH). This Fund... [News]
In recognition of his rich, pioneering and long-term academic contributions to the field of Iranian research and studies and his long standing and enduring friendship to the International Institute... [News]
As the world's most important source of energy, the Middle East has emerged as the key to the stability of global economy. With over 9% of the globe's oil reserves and 15%-17% of worldwide reserves... [Project]