Onderzoekt en verzamelt de geschiedenis van werk, werkenden en arbeidsverhoudingen wereldwijd

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InleidingDe Enqueste van 1494 (.pdf, 33 Mb) en de Informacie van 1514 (.pdf, 65 Mb) zijn twee van de belangrijkste bronnen met betrekking tot Holland en West-Friesland omstreeks het jaar 1500. De... [General page]
De hier gepubliceerde data Hollandse haringvisserij 1500-1795 (excel-bestand, 70 Kb) maken deel uit van de volgende publicatie:Christiaan van Bochove, 'De Hollandse haringvisserij tijdens de... [General page]
The South-South Exchange Proramme for Research on the History o|f Development (SEPHIS) is an independent research programme under the aegis of an international Steering Committee consisting of... [Project]
As the world's most important source of energy, the Middle East has emerged as the key to the stability of global economy. With over 9% of the globe's oil reserves and 15%-17% of worldwide reserves... [Project]
Taking the household or the family as the central unit of analysis the project studies income earning strategies of the non-agrarian population in twentieth century Russia and the Soviet Union.... [Project]
Global History of Textile Workers: A global and comparative history of textile workers 1650-2000.In the first phase of the project, national studies were written on textile production in different... [Project]
Close Encounters with the Dutch: The North Sea as near-core region for a nascent modern world (1550-1750)In the seventeenth century Amsterdam became the core metropolis of the world. In this period,... [Project]
The project In the Same Boat? Shipbuilding and ship repair workers: a global labour history (1950-2010) intends to study shipbuilding labour around the world from World War II until the present from... [Project]
This project is a concerted effort of several researchers at different universities and research institutions. The aim of the project is to reconstruct the national accounts of Java (1815-1939) and... [Project]
This project is a part of a wider research project entitled 'Strategies of Economic Development in the Twentieth Century: Europe and Asia' of the N.W. Posthumus Institute for Economic and Social... [Project]