Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Based on a collection of labour contracts and other documents, this book examines the legal, economic and social relations of labour as they developed in the commercial enterprises of Tokugawa Japan... [Publication]
Workers who loaded and unloaded ships have formed a distinctive occupational group over the past two centuries. As trade expanded so the numbers of dock labourers increased and became concentrated in... [Publication]
In the first volume of the new book series Changing Labour Relations in Southeast Asia, that the IISH publishes with RoutledgeCurzon, fifteen contributions deal with labour issues in twentieth-... [Publication]
High-cost Activism and the Worker Household: Revolutionary Activism among Phillippine plantation workers.ContentsIntroductionSocial activism: a household strategy?Social activism in the hacienda... [Publication]
Contents1. Introduction2. Work,Labour and Wage Labour3. Private and Public Projects4. Labour Movements5. Organizational History: A Different Approach ...6. ...And a Comparative Perspective7. Choices [Publication]