Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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The Institute received a collection of documents from Kevin Keating, a well known local activist in San Francisco. The material (mostly copies) consists of leaflets, posters, articles, letters and... [Collection highlight]
In two letters of April 1930 there is mention of a public debate on the best solution to the problems of the Jewish people. The debate was to be held in New York in the summer of 1930, when Abramovič... [Collection item]
"Les Malthusiens proposent un massacre annuel des innocents dans toutes les familles dont la génération dépasserait le nombre fixé par la loi.Non, en vérité, je n'exagère rien. Ne sait-on pas que l'... [Collection item]
Payday at one of the then thirteen Libbey-Owens-Ford glass and plaskon plants in the USA around 1950. All wage employees were paid by check every two weeks, normally on Fridays. The original caption... [Collection item]
A protest against the repression of the revolt of the Russian sailors by the Bolshevik authorities in Leningrad in 1921.  From the brochure: 'Kronstad the Paris Commune'. [Collection item]
Report of the Imperial Court of Russia. The story of the attempt on Tsar Aleander II life in 1882. [Collection item]
After his emigration to the United States Dovid Edelshtat (1866-1892) started writing Yiddish poems of protest and wrath and became the poet of the Jewish toilers all over the world. His stirring... [Collection item]
How did Dutch colonial institutions govern diversity in North America, the Caribbean, Western Africa and Asia? How can we explain these institutions’ resilience and their lasting impact on modern... [Project]
Memories of Belonging is a three-generation oral-history study of the offspring of southern Italians who migrated to Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1913.Supplemented with the interviewees’ private... [Publication]
These transfers of sovereignty resulted in extensive, unforeseen movements of citizens and subjects to their former countries. The phenomenon of postcolonial migration affected not only European... [Publication]