Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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L'ExpositionCette exposition virtuelle sur le néo-malthusianisme français – le mouvement pour le contrôle des naissances en France – est dédiée à l’oeuvre de ses pionniers, les anarchistes Paul Robin... [Exhibition]
Louise Michel’s speech of 3 June 1886: what did she really say?In the short biography of Louise Michel by Hélène Saudrais on the IISH website, it is said that the period after 1885 was characterized... [Collection highlight]
Vanmiddag werden in Londen de uitkomsten gepresenteerd van een Europees onderzoek naar antisemitisme en immigratie. Naast Nederland werd ook onderzoek gedaan in België, Duitsland, Frankrijk en het... [News]
Escaping the traditional focus on Paris, the author examines the divergent political identities of two occupational groups in Lyon, metal and silk workers, who, despite having lived and worked in the... [Publication]
The events of 1968 have been seen as a decisive turning point in the Western world of even mythical significance. The author takes a critical look at 'May 1968' and questions whether the events were... [Publication]