Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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For the first time, this book provides the global history of labor in Central Eurasia, Russia, Europe, and the Indian Ocean between the sixteenth and the twentieth centuries.It contests common views... [Publication]
This volume offers a pan-European survey of migration and settlement issues that encompasses Switzerland, Prussia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Britain. It explores how the conception of belonging... [Publication]
The history of the forms of “free” labour is intimately linked to that of coerced labour. In this book, worldwide acknowledged specialists of Russia, China, Russia, Japan, India, the Indian Ocean,... [Publication]
In Worthy Efforts Catharina Lis and Hugo Soly offer an innovative approach to the history of perceptions and representations of work in Europe throughout Classical Antiquity and the medieval and... [Publication]
These transfers of sovereignty resulted in extensive, unforeseen movements of citizens and subjects to their former countries. The phenomenon of postcolonial migration affected not only European... [Publication]
In den ereignisreichen Nachkriegsjahren entstand in West- und Osteuropa eine gemeinsame sozialistische Bewegung, die einer drohenden Blockbildung entgegenzuwirken versuchte und einen europäischen "... [Publication]
When discussing wages, historians have traditionally concentrated on the level of wages, much less on how people were paid for their work. Important aspects were thus ignored such as how frequently... [Publication]