Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Payday of salt pan workers at Kharaghoda on the Rann of Kutch (Gujarat, Western India), 1919. Under the tent to the right and the left tables at which the British managers are seated, making sure... [Collection item]
is the title of the new book by IISH’s honorary fellow Jan Breman. In this book Breman argues that the poor in India are getting more separated from the non-poor. The non-labouring poor are unable to... [News]
A Study of Industrial Labour in Post-Colonial India - Jan Breman1. Constituting labour2. A Deficient Workforce3. Rejection of the Commitment Concept4. Factory Workers as Dominant Class in the Urban... [Publication]
Migration and Social Relations: an Annotated Bibliography on Temporary Migration for Rural Manual Work [Publication]
"Birds of Passage"; Migration of South Indian Labour Communities to South-East Asia; 19-20th Centuries, A.D. [Publication]