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Uitgeverij Brill, het Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis en Atria nodigen u gaarne uit voor de presentatie van het boek Rosa Manus (1881–1942): The International Life and Legacy of a... [Event]
T/m 8 maart is de tentoonstelling Iran's Woman's Movement. On the Archive of Sadiqw Dowlatabadi te zien in Framer Framed, Amsterdam.De tentoonstelling bestaat uit werk van kunstenares Azadeh Fatherad... [Event]
An Afternoon with Sadiqe DowlatabadiFeminist Movement in the Twentieth-Century IranInternational Institute of Social History (Amsterdam) – Royal College of Art (London)The emergence of women in the... [Event]
De verklarende kracht van genderMannelijke historici aan het woordDiscussiemiddag Decennia geleden vond de introductie plaats van gender als analytische categorie. De integratie ervan in de... [Event]
The IISH's holdings of the two fiction series (La Novela Ideal and La Novela Libre) published by La Revista Blanca are extensive.Reader Report (text by Andrew H. Lee, 2001)Of the 591 titles I have... [Image gallery]
  Always impressive to see parts of our beautiful collection. How nice that we can occasionally share this and loan material for beautiful exhibitions.In London a selection of photographs of... [News]
ViVa is a bibliography of women's and gender history in historical and women's studies journals. Articles in English, French, German, Dutch, Scandinavian languages, and, occasionally Spanish, are... [General page]
Beginning in the late 19th century, competing ideas about motherhood had a profound impact on the development and implementation of social welfare policies. Calls for programmes aimed at assisting... [Publication]
As economic citizenship was a pre-condition of full citizenship, the lack of economic autonomy was an important motivation during the early stages of the women’s movement. Independent of their class... [Publication]