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Accessibility of photo and video collection improved

The past few months I reprocessed all the photographs which came from the former Dutch AAM, Holland Committee on Southern Africa, Eduardo Mondlane Foundation (through NiZA) and the Workinggroup Kairos and were not individually processed into the IISH-catalogue. These (almost 17.000) photographs are now arranged in five IISH-collections, each with an online accessible list and some of them with more detailed descriptions in PDF-format. These collections are:

COLL00149: Anti-Apartheids Beweging Nederland Photo Collection 1899-2004
(5442 photographs on South(ern) Africa from the collection of the Dutch Anti-Apartheid Movement and NiZA from the 1950s up till 2004)

COLL00150: Komitee Zuidelijk Afrika/Mondlane Stichting Photo Collection 1900-2000
(5135 photographs on Southern Africa, mostly taken between 1970 and 1997, from the collections of the Angola Committee, Holland Committee on Southern Africa and Eduardo Mondlane Foundation)

COLL00151: Fotocollectie AABN/KZA/EMS Nederland 1963-1997
(3270 photographs from the collections of the Dutch AAM, Holland Committee on Southern Africa and Mondlane Foundation on Anti-Apartheid and Southern Africa solidarity  activities in esp. The Netherlands in the years 1963-1997)

COLL00157: Werkgroep Kairos Photo Collection 1952-1996
(2726 photographs on especially South Africa and Namibia, mostly taken between 1979 and 1994)

COLL00158: Fotocollectie Werkgroep Kairos 1979-1998
(363 photographs of the activities of the Werkgroep Kairos in in The Netherlands and internationally in relation to Shell and many other issues in de years 1979-1998)

I also combined the more than 1000 video's which came from NiZA into one IISH-collection, with a comprehensive list and an annex in PDF-format with the detailed descriptions of all the video's and video items. This is:

COLL00159:  Anti-Apartheid and Southern Africa Video Collection 1960-2007
Over 1550 video’s and video-items on South(ern) Africa, other African countries and Africa in general from the collections of the Dutch AAM, Holland Committee on Southern Africa, Mondlane Foundation and NiZA; a significant part of these deal with the struggle against apartheid and the international solidarity campaign with the struggles for liberation in Southern Africa.