Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Studiemiddag over reclame en visuele cultuur in de Lage Landen Programma (pdf) [Event]
Boekpresentatie ter gelegenheid van de publicatie van Ernest Mandel. Rebel tussen droom en daad Organisatie: The International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE) en IISG Voordrachten door Dr... [Event]
During the more than four years of occupation of Belgium in the Second World War, there appeared hundreds of illegal publications in that country. Three of them were published by the 'Independent... [Image gallery]
In February 2008 a large ancient metal crate arrived from Belgium full of papers dealing with the Fourth International and Ernest Mandel. Ernest Mandel's papers had been deposited at the Institute... [Collection highlight]
Henri (Hendrik) De Man (1885 – 1953) was the leader of the Belgian Workers Party BWP in the interbellum period and a leading socialist theoretician. He promoted the idea of "planisme" with his Labour... [News]
Following Belgium’s surrender in May 1940, the Belgian socialist leader Hendrik (Henri) De Man was convinced the Germans would be victorious in Europe. In his “Manifesto” of 28 June 1940, he... [Item of the Day]
The central guild adagio of fairness and equal opportunity amongst guild members in the medieval cloth cities in the Southern Netherlands had its impact on labour time regulation also. The city of... [Item of the Day]
When the Belgian painter James Ensor conceived his famous work of art l'Entrée du Christ à Bruxelles, Belgium experienced an année terrible.  In a time of severe economic depression, with large parts... [Item of the Day]
During the first two weeks of August 1914, the Germans besieged Liège and Belgium was dragged into the Great War. Nearly a million Belgian refugees poured into the Netherlands.100,000 were to stay... [Item of the Day]
Henri Jean Vleminckx (1826-1906) pioneered in the field of Belgian national health. During an epidemic of cholera in 1866, this forensic doctor was the first in Belgium to stress the connection... [Item of the Day]