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In 1683 the Suriname Society, a subsidiary of the Dutch West India Company and the City of Amsterdam,* was established to develop the new overseas colony of Suriname. The Society sent a varied... [Collection highlight]
Each year, on behalf of the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, the colonial authorities in Suriname prepared a report on the ‘state of the nation’. In these annual reports, Suriname’s infrastructure was... [Collection highlight]
Since the IISH has only little original archival material about the former Dutch colony of Suriname, an unexpected acquisition of the papers of Bert Nelemans is particularly welcome. They were... [Collection highlight]
Afscheidsfoto gemaakt in 's Lands Hospitaal (Paramaribo) in februari 1957 van de eerste door het psychiatrisch ziekenhuis Maasoord in Poortugaal geworven groep leerling-verpleegsters. Van links naar... [Collection item]
On 25 November, Suriname celebrates 40 years of independence from the Netherlands.The Suriname-Dutch relationship dates from the 17th century.It is an awkward story of colonisation, slavery and... [News]
The Suriname Society  was established in Amsterdam on 21 May 1683 to develop the new overseas colony of Suriname. The Society sent a varied assembly of goods and people to the colony, including... [Item of the Day]
After the abolition of slavery on 1 July 1863, former slaves of Surinam were supposed to continue working on their plantation for a period of ten years, in return for a miserable wage. This... [Item of the Day]
An employee of the Dutch West India Company located at Elmina (now South Ghana) reported on this day: 'We are of the opinion that it might be profitable to take an experiment in planting sugar (cane... [Item of the Day]
Afro-Surinamese women can be considered as the corner stone of Dutch society when it comes to caring for elderly and sick people. Their numbers in the care sector are very significant. In the 1960s,... [Item of the Day]
Sixteen-year old Surinam-born Otto Huiswoud jumped off a banana-boat docking in New York in 1910. He became a member of the Socialist Party of America and participated in the formation of the... [Item of the Day]