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"The Role of Labour in Post-Cultural Revolution Chinese Art" [Event]
The former Soviet Union, Cuba, and China: three countries where posters played an important political role and received a large amount of artistic attention. This is a selection of 145 political... [Exhibition]
The Chinese people's movement started as a demonstration by Beijing University students in April 1989, and in seven weeks grew into a massive protest that impressed and shook the world. Fortunately,... [Image gallery]
Although tens of millions of this publication were distributed in China and its contents had to be known by heart, the name of 'little red book' doesn't seem familiar to the Chinese. This name for... [Image gallery]
Kong Yee Sai Mau! [Say No to WTO] was one of the battle cries of the anti-global protesters who gathered in Hong Kong to protest the Conference of the World Trade Organization in December 2005. The... [Image gallery]
Two porters below and ten cash coins above, suggesting monetary payment for merchandise and its transportation, as shown on a sheet of “exchange media”, a form of paper currency with a value of no... [Collection item]
 Wuzhu coins were first issued in 118 BCE, and were eventually declared obsolete in 621 CE. The inscription consists of two characters: wu (meaning "five") to the right of the square hole; zhu (... [Collection item]
 Three pairs of buyers and sellers on a market place, situated near a town gate (the building to the right with a drum pending in the upper part) and an open kitchen-diner (left). Tile from a tomb in... [Collection item]
Books as Objects of Veneration, Subjects of DestructionExpositie georganiseerd door het Sinologisch Instituut van de Universiteit Leiden,7 december 2004 - 30 juni 2005In de bibliotheken van het... [News]
This China activities page gives an overview of the activities related to the socio-economic history of China within the International Institute of Social History. It brings together both research... [General page]