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Paul Hertz war sozialdemokratischer Politiker; von 1919 bis 1926 war er Stadtverordneter des Berliner Stadtteils Charlottenburg und von 1920 bis 1933 Reichstagsabgeordneter. Nach seiner Rückkehr aus... [Event]
Boekpresentatie ‘Deutsche Volksfront 1932-1939. Zwischen Berlin, Paris, Prag und Moskau’dr. Ursula Langkau-Alex In drie delen, verschenen in het najaar van 2004, beschrijft Ursula Langkau-Alex de... [Event]
The first political piece that Karl Marx (age 24) wrote after his dissertation was a polemic against censorship in the spring of 1841. The Zensurinstruktion proclaimed by the Prussian government on... [Image gallery]
On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, commemorated on 3 May every year, the IISH wishes to call attention to Freie Presse, a magazine published by German socialists during their exile in... [Image gallery]
In 2000 the Institute received a major portion of Bernd Ewald Althans' papers, as well as his comprehensive collection of books, brochures, videos, and audio cassettes. Althans was a prominent member... [Image gallery]
The archive of publishing house Allert de Lange traversed the world, just as did the German language writers-in-exile who shaped it and make it such interesting reading now. In 1940 it was... [Image gallery]
Beroemd en gevierd tijdens zijn leven, vergeten na zijn dood - de naam Athanasius Kircher zegt tegenwoordig maar weinig mensen iets. In de zeventiende eeuw was dat anders. Athanasius Kircher werd... [Image gallery]
The IISH collections on Germany and German speaking countries in Central Europe cover the period beginning with the democratic revolutionary movements and early workers' organizations around 1840 to... [Collection guide]
The Institute holds several records that relate to the Kautsky family. First, the papers of  Karl Kautsky (1854-1938), writer and theorist in the area of the labour movement and Marxism. In these... [Collection highlight]
By the summer of 1935, the virgin IISH asked prominent socialists to write their political memoirs. Paul Frölich, who co-founded the German Communist Party KPD in 1919, was one of them. His memoirs... [Collection highlight]