Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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The exhibition Signs of Solidarity: the Dutch against apartheid visualizes the contributions of Dutch anti-apartheid activists and their supporters during the international struggle against racism... [Event]
On Tuesday 19 April 2011 a meeting was held at the IISH presenting the official completion of the archiving project around the anti-apartheid and Southern Africa collection which the IISH received in... [Event]
Debat: Verzet tegen de multinational: Shell en de anti-apartheids bewegingErvaringsdeskundigen en historici vertellen over de roerige jaren '70 en '80, toen blokkades, protesten en verzet tegen de... [Event]
Nelson Mandela, an icon of our time, spent a long career in the South African liberation movement, the African National Congress. He served 27 years in jail for his leading role in the anti-apartheid... [Exhibition]
The IISH administers an unique collection of posters about the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. As the most important leader of this struggle, Nelson Mandela frequently appeares on these... [Image gallery]
Mandela’s state visit to the Netherlands on 11 and 12 March 1999. This series is part of a photo gallery on Nelson Mandela.1. Royal welcome to President Mandela and Graça Machel at the beginning of... [Image gallery]
A selection of posters from the IISH collections on the IISH Flickr channel. [Image gallery]
IIn 2008 the IISH acquired an extensive collection of archival materials relating to the anti-apartheid and Southern Africa solidarity groups in The Netherlands. It concerns the archives and related... [Collection guide]
To coincide with the celebration of twenty years of democracy in South Africa, the IISH has now made available to researchers the archives of a unique Dutch organization: the Shipping Research Bureau... [Collection highlight]
The Netherlands and South Africa have a longstanding, close and often turbulent bond. This is understandable, since South Africa is the only popular outgrowth that has emerged from Dutch colonialism... [Collection highlight]