Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Esperanto, the artificial language created by dr Zamenhof,  was especially popular in the labour movement because it agreed with the ideals of international brotherhood. The railway workers already... [Item of the Day]
As one of the first Dutch entrepreneurs who also cared about the social welfare of his employees, Van Marken studied foreign examples of socially responsible housing. In 1882 he bought land behind... [Item of the Day]
Halfway through the 60s Dutch women's magazines still concentrated on traditional themes. Women took care of the household and had to find a decent husband who earned a living. This issue of the... [Item of the Day]
As a twelve year-old secondary school pupil,  Joop den Uyl, who was to become prime minister from 1973 until 1977,  had drawing, history, French, and math lessons on this day.Den Uyl dismissed the... [Item of the Day]
The Dutch J'accuse committee was founded in 1969 in Amsterdam. It derived its name from the famous publication of Zola from 1899, in which he denounced anti-Semitism. The committee's founders believe... [Item of the Day]
Well-known anarchists including Errico Malatesta, Emma Goldman, and Rudolf Rocker convened in Amsterdam from 25 to 31 August 1907. They discussed matters of organization and syndicalism and... [Item of the Day]
At the end of the seventeenth century, the French government strongly controlled the national press. Censorship was effective, and non-Catholics had a difficult time. Especially the Protestant... [Item of the Day]
"12 March 1639 a nephew of Mr Adriaen van Witvelt, painter, presented me with 16 prints of all sorts of flowers and insects..."The grateful recipient who wrote these lines added the print to a... [Item of the Day]
The Amsterdam Realtors' Guild adopted new rules and prices on 8 January 1678. The Guild forbade its members from buying or producing goods themselves. Realtors had to remain intermediaries between... [Item of the Day]
On March 28, 1932, the Dutch Onafhankelijke Socialistische Partij (Independent Socialist Party) was established. It was a left wing split off from the social-democratic party. Meijer Bleekrode... [Item of the Day]