Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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The reconstruction following the war led to large housing projects being built in the Netherlands in the 50s and 60s. Yet, by the end of the 60s, there were not enough apartments to meet the growing... [Item of the Day]
An ambitious student named Hendrick Swaen started a new arithmetic exercise book on 30 November 1694. On the front page Hendrick drew childlike sketches of swans around his name. His sums are... [Item of the Day]
'The international review i 10 will be an organ containing all kinds of expressions of the modern mind', according to the first issue of 1 January 1927. This publication was a platform for the De... [Item of the Day]
The Provos, Amsterdam anarchists, became widely known for their protests against the monarchy: including smoke bombs on Princess Beatrix’s and Claus von Amsberg’s wedding day, 10 March 1966. The... [Item of the Day]
During the last week of March 1975 there was intense fighting in the streets of Amsterdam. Inhabitants of the Nieuwmarkt district rebelled against demolition of their homes to build the new... [Item of the Day]
"12 March 1639 a nephew of Mr Adriaen van Witvelt, painter, presented me with 16 prints of all sorts of flowers and insects..."The grateful recipient who wrote these lines added the print to a... [Item of the Day]
The Amsterdam Realtors' Guild adopted new rules and prices on 8 January 1678. The Guild forbade its members from buying or producing goods themselves. Realtors had to remain intermediaries between... [Item of the Day]
On March 28, 1932, the Dutch Onafhankelijke Socialistische Partij (Independent Socialist Party) was established. It was a left wing split off from the social-democratic party. Meijer Bleekrode... [Item of the Day]