Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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In spring 2016 the Institute received from de Wit’s family a useful addition of 0.25 m. to the Wim de Wit archive. Wim de Wit was one of a group of Dutch architects and engineers who, full of... [Collection highlight]
In May 2015 the IISH received the modest but interesting papers of Nikolaj Vasilévič Šelgunov and several of his relatives. The papers consist of more than fifty documents, almost all of which relate... [Collection highlight]
Posrednik and Svobodnoe SlovoThose who were not, like the Narodniki, directly concerned with spurring the Russian people to revolution and resistance, but rather simply desired to travel the steady... [Collection highlight]
In the 1920s the Dutch architect Han van Loghem and his wife Berthe Neumeijer traveled  to the Soviet Union, where they settled in Kemerovo in eastern Siberia. Van Loghem was invited by the Dutch... [Collection highlight]
The Campaign against Psychiatric Abuse (CAPA), British section of the Geneva initiating committee against abuses of psychiatry for political purposes struggled against the fate and treatment of... [Collection highlight]
In 2011 the IISH acquired with help of the Friends of the IISH an original typescript (176 pp.) by Nadja Strasser (1871-1955). This typescript tells the story of Nadia Ossipovna, known as 'Dina', who... [Collection highlight]
In the beginning of the 20th century, Dutch expats worked and lived in Stoupky (now Artemovsk), Ukraine, near the Peter the Great salt mine.Leendert Willem van den Muyzenberg became director of this... [Collection highlight]
The Democratic Movement in Russia, 1985-2005 Collection is a personal collection of Aleksandr Ermakov, activist in the democratic and anarchist movements in St. Petersburg from the late 1980s to the... [Collection highlight]
OKNA ROSTA posters, also known as ROSTA, were designed between late 1919 and late 1921 during and immediately after the Russian Civil War. ROSTA was the name of the Russian Telegraph Agency founded... [Collection highlight]
The Institute received this library collection (approximately 2500 items) from the well-known Hungarian historian Miklos Kun who has published about Bakunin, Bucharin and the Prague Spring.As a long-... [Collection highlight]