Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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A protest against the repression of the revolt of the Russian sailors by the Bolshevik authorities in Leningrad in 1921.  From the brochure: 'Kronstad the Paris Commune'. [Collection item]
One of the many examples of 'classic' anarchist texts translated into Yiddish.  [Collection item]
The Russian Social Revolutionary Party in exile in Londen also tried to gain members among the Jewish workers of the immigrant Eastside. To this end the party published their own Yiddish pamphlets... [Collection item]
Report of the Imperial Court of Russia. The story of the attempt on Tsar Aleander II life in 1882. [Collection item]
A group of political exiles, amongst them nine Bundists, in exile in Yakutsk, Siberia. [Collection item]
 First page of the brochure and list of publictions. At the end of most pamphlets the Bund and the Jewish anarchists published a list of previous publications and of those which were to appear in the... [Collection item]
Title page of the IISH copy of Sredi knig (Among the books), St. Petersburg, 1906, with dedication from the author to the library of the Party of Socialist Revolutionaries (PSR) in Paris: 'The first... [Collection item]
Dinsdag 24 oktober, één dag voor het honderdjarig jubileum van de Russische revolutie (oude Russische kalender), vond in EYE filminstituut de première plaats van de film “Bouwen te midden van... [News]
On 28th of September a very special event took place at IISH. The 1917 Russian Revolution is frequently looked at from a Western perspective. Hundred years after the revolution the International... [News]
On 13 September 2015 Professor Doctor Andrei Sokolov passed away in Moscow. A prominent labour and social historian, and a renowned expert in the field, Andrei Sokolov had been a longstanding contact... [News]