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Nach wie vor schlummern in Moskauer Archiven viele unbekannte Dokumente. Eine Reihe von ihnen hat Frank Schauff erstmals systematisch mit dem Ziel ausgewertet, die Rolle der Kommunistischen... [Publication]
Why did the most unruly proletariat of the Twentieth Century come to tolerate the ascendancy of a political and economic system that, by every conceivable measure, proved antagonistic to working-... [Publication]
This volume brings together the latest work in Russian labour history, based on exciting materials from previously closed archives and collections. Sixteen essays, focusing on peasants and workers,... [Publication]
Political terrorism was an important weapon in the struggle for the socialist-revolutionaries. This harked back to the tradition of the populists (narodniki): revolutionary cells, which during the... [Section]
Click to see an enlarged picture, additional information and following pages if availableORT : Organization for Rehabilitation Through Training O.R.T. : Gezelshaft tsu farshpreyten handverkeray un... [Section]
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In May 1921 an Amsterdam schoolteacher, Jan Ceton, went to Soviet Russia to carry out research. As a communist, Ceton was interested mainly in the experimental United Labour Schools (edinaya... [Item of the Day]
The Dutch engineer Wim de Wit sympathized with the Russian Revolution and moved to the Soviet Union in the 1920s to help in rebuilding its industry.Like hundreds of thousands of Russians and hundreds... [Item of the Day]
Three Russian social democrats in exile share sweet memories in a park in Berlin ten years after the October Revolution.Left: Vladimir Vojtinskij (1885-1960), member of the Executive Council of the... [Item of the Day]
Childcare, canteens and laundries enable women to participate fully in the construction of socialism.For nearly a century now, International Women's Day, on March 8, is a special day in the Soviet... [Item of the Day]