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In Germany nude swimming used to be tolerated in certain reserved areas, but in the socialist DDR it was officially prohibited in the fifties. The numerous lovers of "Freikörperkultur" were now... [Item of the Day]
Since July 1953 the Charlottenburger Allee in West Berlin has been called Strasse des 17. Juni (Street of 17 June). That was the date when the people of East Berlin and other cities in East Germany... [Item of the Day]
On May 27, 1887, Erich Kuttner was born in Berlin-Schöneberg. As a social-democrat he advocated the interests of those who had been disabled in the war and fought for a fair legal system in Germany.... [Item of the Day]
The German chancellor Bismarck was only slightly wounded in an attempt to murder him in Bad Kissingen on 13 July 1874. The offender belonged to the Catholic political wing. The man committed his... [Item of the Day]
Captain Cook's third and last expedition starts on 12 July 1776 with the departure of the 'Resolution' from Plymouth. The German sailor Johann Heinrich Zimmermann (1741-1805) is aboard. In 1781... [Item of the Day]
On April 11, at 5.23 p.m., on the the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, the unskilled painter Josef Erwinn Bachmann fired three shots into Rudi Dutschke's face. The life of the student leader was in danger,... [Item of the Day]
Protesting against the decision by the German government to accept the peace treaty of Versailles, a group of soldiers under Wolfgang Kapp took control of Berlin on March 13, 1920. The trade unions... [Item of the Day]
Neues Deutschland, the newspaper of the East German communist party, is full of official announcements on 13 August 1961. It has been decided to "introduce a system at the West Berlin border to... [Item of the Day]
In 1859 the German Kaiser Wilhelm II was delivered by forceps. As a result, his left arm was twisted. His tutors tried to remedy this in a very harsh way: they forced the child into a corset and... [Item of the Day]
Sturm und Drang marked the life of Ferdinand Lassalle. Born in 1825 in Eastern Prussia as Ferdinand Lasal, he changed his name to one that sounded less Jewish and more like a revolutionary French... [Item of the Day]