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The inventory of the archive of the Bond van Leeraressen bij het Huishoudonderwijs (Union of Female Teachers in Household Education) has been completed. The Union of Female Teachers in Household... [Collection highlight]
The IISH owns a large collection on the sixties and seventies in Amsterdam: Provo, Roel van Duijn, Robert Jasper Grootveld, various riots and confrontations with the police during the marriage of... [Collection highlight]
No footage of the Dutch feminist and medical doctor Aletta Jacobs (1854-1929) was known until November 2013, when 20 seconds of moving images surfaced and were repeatedly shown in the media. They... [Collection highlight]
IIn the summer of 2013 the IISH received an interesting accrual to the papers of the Amsterdam psychiatrist Jacques Weijel (1920-1975). This accrual deals with the period of World War II and the... [Collection highlight]
Paul de Groot ranks as the number 1 leader in the history of the Dutch Communist Party. The brothers Joop and Jaap Wolff no doubt might claim to be numbers 2 and 3. Accruals to the archives for both... [Collection highlight]
Anti-Orangist feelings are traditional in Dutch society, as well as the royal house and the Orangists themselves.When William I became “sovereign” in 1813, part of the Amsterdam “riffraff mutteringly... [Collection highlight]
In the mid-1980s Greenpeace Netherlands became much better known because of the attack on its ship, Rainbow Warrior, in 1985, as well as through its highly successful "Telethon" media-campaigns in... [Collection highlight]
The IISH received a small but interesting supplement to the papers of the Dutch Marxist and socialist Frank van der Goes in the slipstream of the biography Frank van der Goes, 1859-1939. Journalist,... [Collection highlight]
Sal Santen (1915-1998) was both a revolutionary and a novelist. As his literary body of work was mainly autobiographical, these two aspects are virtually inseparable in his writing. His political... [Collection highlight]
One brilliant character from the Golden Age is well represented in the collections of IISH/NEHA: the “modern” businessman and publicist Pieter de la Court.Pieter de la Court, a man of immigrant... [Collection highlight]