Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Virtuoze tekenaars van het Nederlandse levenDe expositie geeft een uniek beeld van het werk van de Nederlandse tekenboegbeelden. De eigenzinnige humor van Peter van Straaten is mateloos populair... [Event]
Boekpresentatie en debat georganiseerd in samenwerking met Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis (IISG)Weinig politici hebben in Nederland zo tot de verbeelding gesproken als de... [Event]
Workshop held by the Institut d'Histoire Contemporaine, Université de Bourgogne, Third session in a series of workshops on Socialism and Sexuality organized by Archives and Museum of the Socialist... [Event]
"Dat de twintigste eeuw niet in zijn geheel ongemerkt aan dit land voorbij is gegaan, is eigenlijk maar te danken aan één persoon. Eén man die dit land een totaal ander aanzien heeft gegeven, die... [Event]
Second session in a series of workshops on Socialism and Sexuality.  This seminar explored the sexual ideologies and behaviours of anarchist feminists, individualist socialists, anarcho-syndicalists... [Event]
Five exhibitions of posters, photos and other documents 1. The Bund in pictures2. The Bund and Elections in Interbellum Poland3. Yiddish Revolutionary Propaganda  4. Socialist-revolutionary and... [Exhibition]
The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) has been called the first media-war in history. Idealistic film makers and photographers like Joris Ivens, Robert Capa, and Gerda Taro rushed to the battlefields.The... [Image gallery]
The first issue of PROVO (Amsterdam, 12 July 1965) featured traditional anarchist ideology and recipes for homemade dynamite and other explosives. Provo was an anarchist youth movement in Amsterdam... [Image gallery]
In well-informed circles, Max Nettlau was known as the 'Herodotus of Anarchy', the first and greatest historian of the anarchist movement. The name of the International Institute of Social History (... [Image gallery]
The funeral of the famous anarchist Peter Kropotkin in Moscow on 13 February 1921 grew into a monumental demonstration. This was the last time the anarchist movement in Russia manifested itself. In... [Image gallery]