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L'ExpositionCette exposition virtuelle sur le néo-malthusianisme français – le mouvement pour le contrôle des naissances en France – est dédiée à l’oeuvre de ses pionniers, les anarchistes Paul Robin... [Exhibition]
A new web exhibition presents the story of contraception in France in the 19th and 20th centuries. The anarchists Paul Robin and Jeanne and Eugène Humbert were trailblazers and leaders of the neo-... [News]
The Dutch Neo-Malthusian Union was founded on 2 November 1881 as an 'Association for the intentional regulation of pregnancy'. In their early years they published many brochures on how to prevent... [Item of the Day]
By order of the Dutch minister of Justice Dries van Agt, on May 18, 1976, the police raided the abortion clinic Bloemenhove, and tried to seal the surgeries. Abortion clinics do not have legal status... [Item of the Day]
Eugène Humbert and his partner Jeanne were advocates of free love and birth control. They spread these ideas not only in writing but in practice as well. In pre-war France this resulted in various... [Item of the Day]