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At midsummer, when the cucumbers are ripe, there is nothing much to report in the media. 'Cucumber time' ('silly season') inspired Dutch cartoonists of different backgrounds. Click here for a... [Image gallery]
The photo collection of journalist / photographer Wim Dussel (1920-2004) is since 2004 part of the collections of the IISH. Dussel crossed the world as a travelling photojournalist. Wim Dussel began... [Image gallery]
 ... People want new, enticing, original and striking forms, an attractive drawing, a distinctive layout, a remarkable font and a special new paper ...The Reclamearsenaal originated in 2001 from a... [Image gallery]
Seth Siegelaub, the subject of a major retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam from 12 December 2015 to 17 April 2016, was closely acquainted with the IISH. Since 1989, the IISH has housed... [Collection highlight]
Cineclub Vrijheidsfilms has now transferred its film and video collection to the IISH.Since 1966 Cineclub has been producing and distributing films and videos relating to the liberation movement... [Collection highlight]
Video and Documentation CollectionThis is a guide to the collection of videotapes and related material collected at the Next 5 Minutes (N5M) conferences on tactical media 1 (Amsterdam 1993), 2 (... [General page]
10 October 1957 was a fine day for the Dutch daily De Telegraaf.  Jayne Mansfield paid the newspaper a visit. The rising star continued her publicity strategy that had previously been so successful... [Item of the Day]
At least 50,000 Iranian migrants, mostly Persian speakers from Azerbaijan and Turkish speakers from Northern Iran, lived in Baku and its suburbs between 1910 and1920. Strong Pan-Turkist waves and the... [Item of the Day]