Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Dit najaar zendt de VARA de serie De Strijd uit, over de geschiedenis van de arbeider in Nederland. Hiervoor is veel onderzoek gedaan bij het IISG. Het instituut organiseert daarom drie ‘De Strijd-... [Event]
Please find the call for collaboration on a project initiated by the International Institute of Social History in the Netherlands.With this project we aim at collecting data on labour conflicts on a... [Event]
In  juli 1911 vindt er op het Amsterdamse eiland Kattenburg een ware veldslag plaats. Opmaat is de eerder die zomer uitgeroepen zeeliedenstaking. Het is daardoor al weken onrustig in de stad en met... [Event]
The second International Conference Strikes and Social Conflicts: Combined approaches to conflicts (Eighteenth century to the present) will take place in Maison des Sciences de L’Homme, Dijon (France... [Event]
De spoorwegstakingen van 1903Onder de titel 'Gansch het raderwerk...' is in De Burcht te Amsterdam tot en met 17 augustus 2003 een tentoonstelling te zien over de spoorwegstakingen van 1903. De... [Event]
Boekpresentatie In 1970 brak de grootste na-oorlogse haven- en metaalstaking in Rotterdam uit. Deze staking was de aanzet tot een massale stakingsbeweging in Nederland waar uiteindelijk meer dan een... [Event]
Since the 1970's there has been a dramatic decline in strike activity in most western countries. This decline can be seen in the ILO statistics on the subject, but also in the data published by the... [Event]
The posters from the May '68 Paris student movement became immediate collectors' items. An explosion of creativity accompanied the rebellion of the students: new slogans ("Ce nest qu'un début"), new... [Image gallery]
In May 1968 students in Paris occupied university buildings to launch an avalanche of protests and strikes against the authorities. This was only the beginning of a wide-ranging social and cultural... [Image gallery]
Since the IISH has only little original archival material about the former Dutch colony of Suriname, an unexpected acquisition of the papers of Bert Nelemans is particularly welcome. They were... [Collection highlight]