Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Op 26 juni organiseert het IISG ism het Amsterdam Museum een speciale 'Provo-rondleiding' achter de schermen van het instituut. U komt in magazijnen die normaal gesloten zijn voor het publiek en... [Event]
A European Youth Revolt 1980/81? European Perspectives of Youth Protest and Social MovementsOrganiser: Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, Amsterdam / Institut für soziale Bewegungen... [Event]
The IISH houses a rich collection of manuscripts, books and pamphlets documenting the social and political history of Russia and the Soviet Union. It is also home to a fine collection of Russian... [Image gallery]
The first issue of PROVO (Amsterdam, 12 July 1965) featured traditional anarchist ideology and recipes for homemade dynamite and other explosives. Provo was an anarchist youth movement in Amsterdam... [Image gallery]
De Melkweg en Paradiso zijn al decennia lang beeldbepalend voor het culturele leven in Amsterdam: vrijwel alle bekende popgroepen en artiesten traden hier op. Maar er was veel meer dan alleen... [Collection highlight]
In 2015 it has been 50 years since student Bart Huges drilled a hole in his skull. By doing so he hoped to gain a state of ‘expanded consciousness’.Opinions differ if and how Huges drilled the hole... [News]
From 15-17 May 2014, a conference will be held on European youth revolts in 1980/81. We welcome papers and proposals for presentations (deadline: 1 June 2013) . The conference is organized by the... [News]
The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded one of its prestigious Advanced Investigator Grant to Marco van Leeuwen, who is a research fellow at the IISH. The research project is called "Towards... [News]
Apprenticeship or vocational training is a subject of lively debate. Economic historians tend to see apprenticeship as a purely economic phenomenon, as an ‘incomplete contract’ in need of legal and... [Publication]
Volendam caps and many press photographers wait at Schiphol airport to welcome the Beatles when they arrive in Holland for the first time on June 5, 1964. The next day they take a boat tour of the... [Item of the Day]