Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Adventurer, traveller, anti-militarist, individualist, satirist, journalist, founder of two of the most legendary French magazines of the 1890s, L'Endehors and La Feuille, Zo d'Axa (1864-1930) led a... [Image gallery]
The IISH has a unique collection of designs by the Dutch artist W.A. van de Walle for stained glass windows in trade union buildings. These designs, which date from 1927-1940, are executed full size... [Image gallery]
Over 750 works about vegetarianism and natural medicine, the complete lending library of the Nederlandsche Vegetariërsbond [Dutch league of vegetarians] (NVB) are now integrally available at the IISH... [Image gallery]
In 1896 Auguste Fabre, a Frenchman involved in the cooperative movement, wrote a short book about American skyscrapers. The phenomenon was still so new that he used the English word "Sky Scratchers... [Image gallery]
The Institute holds a small collection of extraordinary Russian sound documents: zvukovye pis'ma, or musical letters. They were issued around 1950 in the Soviet Union. The musical letter is a bifold... [Image gallery]
In 2002 the 100th birthday of Nazım Hikmet (Ran), one of the greatest Turkish poets of the twentieth century was celebrated. His birthday was not only celebrated in his native Turkey with many radio... [Image gallery]
An ex libris, mark of ownership in a book or manuscript, is both a sample of printing and a piece of art. As art, it is an individual statement by the designer, but it also reflects the personality... [Image gallery]
Every revolution has its own songs. In France, the birthplace of revolution, the tradition of protest songs has been strongly developed. La Carmagnole, the song of the French Revolution (composed in... [Image gallery]
In 2005 IISH acquired the Academy Library (library of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences) - a collection of around 200,000 volumes related to all branches of science, the humanities and the... [Image gallery]
The Academy library has several interesting studies about Persia, especially seventeenth and eighteenth-century historiographies and travel and country descriptions. They are about Persia from that... [Image gallery]