Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Beroemd en gevierd tijdens zijn leven, vergeten na zijn dood - de naam Athanasius Kircher zegt tegenwoordig maar weinig mensen iets. In de zeventiende eeuw was dat anders. Athanasius Kircher werd... [Image gallery]
On these pages the IISH presents a small selection of images from the institute's collections related to Christmas and New Year: historical Season's Greetings from the labour movement.These pictures... [Image gallery]
In the history of the labour movement, having holidays, like anything else, is associated with struggle and organization. Trade unions had to gain the right to have paid holidays. In Holland, in 1910... [Image gallery]
The inventory of the papers of Wouter Gortzak was recently completed.Wouter Gortzak grew up in a communist milieu. His father Henk Gortzak was MP for the Dutch Communist Party (CPN) but broke with... [Collection highlight]
Clothing is determined by society and culture, and can often be an important indicator of social and cultural processes. People often want, consciously or subconsciously, to reveal something of the... [Collection highlight]
Fabiola was well-known to many Amsterdam citizens as a living piece of lively and colorful art, closely associated with the metropolitan gay scene. Eighteen diaries of Fabiola from 1985-1987 are now... [Collection highlight]
Anti-Orangist feelings are traditional in Dutch society, as well as the royal house and the Orangists themselves.When William I became “sovereign” in 1813, part of the Amsterdam “riffraff mutteringly... [Collection highlight]
Tom Küsters was born in Groesbeek in 1943. Although he died in this same town in 2008, he was deeply involved in the world outside the Netherlands throughout his active life.In the 1970s he... [Collection highlight]
In 2009 the Institute received the larger part of the personal archive and part of the library of the French philosopher Jacques D'Hondt. Professor Jacques D'Hondt (1920-2012) was professor at the... [Collection highlight]
The Institute acquired a large collection of black-and-white photographs and negative prints by Ewald Vanvugt (Den Bosch, The Netherlands 1943), a socially oriented writer and photographer. From 1963... [Collection highlight]