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Jacob van Slooten was an electrotechnical engineer who worked in Philips' physics laboratory in Eindhoven. He also published articles and books in the field of philosophy and astrology, e.g., Maan-... [Collection highlight]
At the end of 2002 IISH received a very fine, valuable portrait of Minister Van den Tempel, painted by Jan Sluijters (1881-1957). Until 2002, this portrait had been owned by Van den Tempel's family.... [Collection highlight]
The Dutch poet and icon of the 1960's Simon Vinkenoog (Amsterdam 1928-2009) left many traces in the IISH:Archival collection Simon VinkenoogAll paintings, posters and photos related to Simon... [Collection highlight]
Paul F. Sanders (1891-1986) was not only a musician but also a well-known Dutch journalist. He was a music critic for the socialist daily Het Volk and wrote about modern art. In the 1930s, he worked... [Collection highlight]
Meyer Sluyser (1901-1973) was one of the best-known Dutch social-democratic journalists during and after the war. He was from a family of poor diamond polishers. Due to lack of money, Meyer was... [Collection highlight]
Nienke van Hichtum (1860-1939) is the pseudonym of Sjoukje Troelstra-Bokma de Boer.In 1888 she married the Frisian politician Pieter Jelles Troelstra (1860-1930), the leader of the Dutch social... [Collection highlight]
Three lithographies, a woodcut and a number of proof prints of designs for vignettes for the magazine De Toorts (The Torch), all by Fré Cohen, were donated to the IISH. They are splendid original... [Collection highlight]
Copies of archival and audio-visual items from the anti-apartheid and southern Africa solidarity collection of the IISH will be transferred to South Africa. The archival transfer project is funded by... [News]
As of 17 November, the Drents Museum in Assen (the Netherlands) features the exhibition ‘Together and Apart - the Family in Russia from 1900 till now'.The exposition accompanies the impressive... [News]
In het kader van het lustrum van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen organiseert de Universiteitsbibliotheek in 2009 een aantal exposities met werk van Kees Willemen op vier verschillende locaties.Kees... [News]