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In the history of the labour movement, holidays is associated with struggle and collective organization. The intellectual elite preferred to travel individually, however. Those who were able to... [Item of the Day]
In 1955 Nazim Hikmet, the Turkish communist and poet, stayed in Budapest at the invitation of the Turkish Service of Radio Budapest. He started a series of radio broadcasts on political and literary... [Item of the Day]
The first successful implant of monkey testicles in a man dates from 1920. A French doctor of Russian descent, Serge Voronoff, performed the operation. By 1930, some 500 men could be found in France... [Item of the Day]
A group of experimental artists and intellectuals establishes the Situationist International during a two-day conference in Italy on July 27-28, 1957. The Situationists belong to an anarchist... [Item of the Day]
The famous Dutch painter Jan Sluijters received 1568 guilders for this portrait of Jan van den Tempel on 13 January 1950. Van den Tempel was a social democratic minister of Social Affairs from 1939... [Item of the Day]
The release of 'Never mind the Bollocks', the new album of the Sex Pistols, was hot news in November 1977. And not only because of its provocative music. On 5 November 1977 a manager of a record shop... [Item of the Day]
"12 March 1639 a nephew of Mr Adriaen van Witvelt, painter, presented me with 16 prints of all sorts of flowers and insects..."The grateful recipient who wrote these lines added the print to a... [Item of the Day]
Artist Georges Rémi (Hergé) had not visited the Soviet-Union when he published the story of Tintin in the Soviet Union on 10 January 1929. He took the abuses and deceits his hero encounters mainly... [Item of the Day]
In the sixties provos and beatniks caused trouble in Milan. In 1965, following a pilgrimage to Amsterdam, Melchiore Gembino founded the paper "Mondo Beat." The newspaper's office became a center of... [Item of the Day]
'The international review i 10 will be an organ containing all kinds of expressions of the modern mind', according to the first issue of 1 January 1927. This publication was a platform for the De... [Item of the Day]