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On 19 December 1961, the Indian army under the presidency of Nehru began operations resulting in the annexation of the Portuguese colony Goa on the Indian continent. This sparked off a wave of 'Indo-... [Item of the Day]
The socialist leader Samora Machel became the first president of independent Mozambique on 25 June 1975. In his 'state of the union' adress he proclaimed Mozambique 'a state of People's Democracy, in... [Item of the Day]
The Lancaster House Agreement was the independence agreement for Rhodesia, (Zimbabwe). The signing on 21 December 1979 effectively ended white rule in Rhodesia under Ian Smith. The Patriotic Front... [Item of the Day]
From the diary of Poncke Princen, a Dutchman who was detained for deserting the Dutch army during the colonial war in Indonesia:"Today was not as bad as expected. The Christian Men's Choir from... [Item of the Day]
In 1975 Mozambique attained its independence from Portugal. Independence Day is celebrated on June 25, which was the day in 1962 that the liberation movement Frelimo (Frente de Libertaçao de... [Item of the Day]
Polisario, the movement for an independent Western Sahara, was officially established on May 10, 1973 with the intention of militarily forcing an end to Spanish colonization. At the meeting the... [Item of the Day]
"Better to the hell than to be colonized again" was painted on a streetcar in Jakarta on 17 August 1945. This is the day of the Proclamasi, the day Sukarno plants the red and white flag in front of... [Item of the Day]
On 24 April 1966, Belgian communist youth marched through the streets of Brussels against imperialism in Congo. In Congo – the former Belgian colony that had become independent in 1960 – chaos... [Item of the Day]
Surinam, the former Dutch colony in South America, introduced its new flag on 25 November 1975, the day it gained independence. Shortly before independence, the Aron government held a competition for... [Item of the Day]
'Emergency' was the euphemistic name for a war that had started in 1948 between the British colonial power and Malaysian communists in Malaysia with the killing of three British planters by the... [Item of the Day]