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It took Marx and Engels six weeks to write the Communist Manifesto, since, by the end of December 1847, the London Bildungsgesellschaft für Arbeiter officially asked them to develop its political... [Image gallery]
Although tens of millions of this publication were distributed in China and its contents had to be known by heart, the name of 'little red book' doesn't seem familiar to the Chinese. This name for... [Image gallery]
Many posters from Bangladesh at the IISH cover issues of crucial importance to this youthful nation's history. Formerly a part of undivided India as East Bengal and since 1947 the eastern wing of... [Image gallery]
De Koude Oorlog en de strijd in Vietnam hebben een enorme hoeveelheid propaganda-posters opgeleverd. China, Sovjet-Rusland en Cuba, de communistische landen die Noord-Vietnam steunden, stelden de... [Image gallery]
In 2001 the IISH received a collection of 26 Vietnamese posters, an important addition to its current collection.Interesting to note is the emphasis on health issues: five posters are warnings... [Collection highlight]
OKNA ROSTA posters, also known as ROSTA, were designed between late 1919 and late 1921 during and immediately after the Russian Civil War. ROSTA was the name of the Russian Telegraph Agency founded... [Collection highlight]
Das Haus der Kunst in Munich has a number of Chinese posters from the IISH collection on loan for the exhibition:"Postwar: Art Between the Pacific and the Atlantic, 1945–1965".One of the objectives... [News]
Posters are important as visual chronicles of history.In Bangladesh, a country with an extremely volatile recent past, posters can be seen everywhere but they are rarely preserved.This is why the... [News]
The IISH holds a fine collection of Mozambican posters from the archives of the Nederlands instituut voor Zuidelijk Afrika (Dutch Institute of Southern Africa, NIZA).After a long struggle Mozambique... [News]
Almost 52,000 posters have been made available in the Poster project of the Memory of the Netherlands. Seven institutions managing Dutch heritage, IISH one of them, have joined forces to provide a... [News]