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Henriette Roland Holst (1869-1952) was one of the few Dutch socialists with an international reputation. She owed this reputation to her activities at a secret meeting on September 1915 of European... [Collection highlight]
In 2011 the IISH acquired the papers of the late Ngo Van. Van, who was born in Tân Lô, a Vietnamese village near Saigon in 1913. He left his village at the age of fourteen and moved to Saigon to work... [Collection highlight]
Een omvangrijke aanvulling op het archief van Elisabeth (Bep) Fisher-Spanjer kwam in januari 2008 binnen. Geboren in Amsterdam in 1915, groeide Bep Spanjer op in een links-revolutionair... [Collection highlight]
In February 1934, representatives of revolutionary-socialist youth organizations from all quarters of the world gathered in Laren, the Netherlands, to discuss the establishment of an International... [Collection highlight]
From Malaquais' widow, the Institute received the political papers of the Polish-French writer Jean Malaquais (1908-1998). The archive contains several postwar documents on the Gauche Communiste de... [Collection highlight]
Theo van Tijn (1927-1992) held the chair in economic and social history at Utrecht University from 1969 until 1992. Along with his scholarly work, he was very active in areas related to the... [Collection highlight]
Florentinus Marinus Wibaut, leading light of the Dutch social democrat movement, is often depicted with an umbrella and walking stick. His official statue in Amsterdam, on the Wibautstraat, is no... [Collection highlight]
Recently, the IISH acquired the microfilm collection of the Partido dos Trabalhadores, which is President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's party. The microfilms are produced by the Fundação Perseu Abramo... [Collection highlight]
Recently the first batch of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) archives were given to the International Institute of Social History (IISH). PSM has agreed to deposit the following items with IISH:... [Collection highlight]
In the course of 2001, two private libraries were added to the Russian collections at the Institute. The original owners were Boris M. Sapir (who worked at the IISH for many years) and David M.... [Collection highlight]