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Benjamin Feigenbaum (1860-1932) was a true master of anti-religious satire. He used the religious knowledge he received from his chassidic father to propagate socialism.  [Collection item]
The Russian Social Revolutionary Party in exile in Londen also tried to gain members among the Jewish workers of the immigrant Eastside. To this end the party published their own Yiddish pamphlets... [Collection item]
Bundist election placards being posted. [Collection item]
Poster announcing Bund Youth-meeting. [Collection item]
This postcard is a good example of the bi-linguality of the Bund in Poland and the Baltic States during the Interbellum. This Polish postcard must have had its Yiddish counterpart which does not... [Collection item]
In interbellum Poland the Bund not only operated as political party but was also very active in the socio-cultural field. The proceeds of these stamps went to the Medem club to finance a library, the... [Collection item]
At last the complete biography of Koos Vorrink can be written. A classic story: family has an old chest in the attic. When clearing the house relatives find an archive which turns out to belong to... [News]
On 24 January 2013 the Turkish journalist Doğan Özgüden officially transferred his papers at a festive meeting at the IISH.In the fifties and sixties Doğan Özgüden was a renowned journalist of... [News]
A film documentary called Droom & Daad (Dream&Deed) about the Dutch poet and socialist Henriette Roland Holst is first performed in EYE Film Museum Amsterdam on 24 November.Henriette Roland... [News]
Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis (1846-1919), Nederlands beroemdste socialist, anarchist, 'us ferlosser'voor de Friezen, heeft behalve een museum en een standbeeld nu ook een monumentale biografie.Jan... [News]