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Not far from Berne lies the idyllic village of ZImmerwald, where discontented socialists from various belligerent and neutral European nations gathered on September 5, 1915 to speak about a new... [Item of the Day]
Russian expatriates active in the Socialist-Revolutionary Party (Partija Socialistov Revoljucionerov) organized a masked ball and revue in the Rue Cadet, Paris on 4 April 1911. The PSR was founded in... [Item of the Day]
During the Cold War, the social democratic parties in Western Europe sided with the U.S. In Holland a group of peace activists was discontented about this choice, but they felt equally uncomfortable... [Item of the Day]
Only a handful of Bulgarian comrades read Drugar (Comrade).The first Bulgarian socialist party was founded in 1891. Workers were hardly represented in this party. Not even 0,5 percent of the work... [Item of the Day]
German workers' choirs at various locations in Czech Northern Bohemia joined in a varied musical weekend at the end of June 1931. Songs by Mendelssohn and arias by Mozart were alternated with folk... [Item of the Day]
On May 27, 1887, Erich Kuttner was born in Berlin-Schöneberg. As a social-democrat he advocated the interests of those who had been disabled in the war and fought for a fair legal system in Germany.... [Item of the Day]
On September 4, 1970 Salvador Allende won the presidential elections in Chile. The three years of Allende's rule, together with the parties of the Unidad Popular (UP), were marked by a unique... [Item of the Day]
The American revolutionary magazine The Masses, dubbed "frank, arrogant and impertinent" by its most famous contributor John Reed in 1911, wanted to "do as it pleases and conciliate nobody". During... [Item of the Day]
Following the end of the International Socialist Meeting in Amsterdam on 22 August, the delegates take to the floor. The flamboyant, giant Dutch delegate Henri van Kol starts dancing, encouraged and... [Item of the Day]
Luíz Inácio Lula da Silva, like many other boys from poor Brazilian families, started his career as a bootblack. On his 57th birthday, 27 October 2002, he is elected president of Brazil. This is an... [Item of the Day]