Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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The IISH has received a collection of documents on the eight years' war between Iraq and Iran (1980-1988). This interesting and rich source is available to researchers and interested parties.... [Collection highlight]
The sole remaining archive of a respectable size of the Spanish Civil War is housed at the IISH. It concerns the papers of the anarchist trade union CNT/FAI (1934-1939), that had a large following.... [News]
About 800 Dutch volunteers, communists, anarchists and social democrats were active in Spain during the Civil War (1936-1939). They joined the International Brigades to support the fight against... [News]
War brings out the worst in people, but can also lead to social change.The Web Presentation 'Refugees in Holland 1914-1918' is about Belgian civilians, British marines, German deserters, and Russians... [News]
Historians have long overlooked the labour involved in soldiering. With the publication of Fighting for a Living, the world of military workers is brought to the forefront of scholarly inquiry.This... [News]
On 17 November 2008, professor Nicolaas Posthumus (1880-1960), the founder and first director of the IISH, posthumously received Israel's highest honour, the Yad Vashem medal, for helping Jews during... [News]
This three-year research programme is a comparative study of military recruitment in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, 1500-2000 CE. The innovative character of the project lies in the fact that it... [Project]
The Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands is an Internet monument dedicated to preserving the memory of all men, women and children who were persecuted as Jews during the Nazi... [Project]
This unique volume investigates the circumstances that have produced starkly different systems of recruiting and employing soldiers in different parts of the globe over the last 500 years, on the... [Publication]
Nach wie vor schlummern in Moskauer Archiven viele unbekannte Dokumente. Eine Reihe von ihnen hat Frank Schauff erstmals systematisch mit dem Ziel ausgewertet, die Rolle der Kommunistischen... [Publication]