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The volume situates itself within the growing field of research on the global social history of the World Wars. By investigating social and cultural aspects of these wars in African, South Asian and... [Publication]
This section of the web exhibition of photos by Frits Eisenloeffel tracks the journeys of the Dutch journalist Frits Eisenloeffel (1944-2001) in Africa.  In his student days, Frits Eisenloeffel came... [Section]
The exact date and place of execution of Jan Postma are still a matter of dispute: 23, 24, 25, or 31 July 1944, in Vught or in Scheveningen? What we do know is that Jan Postma was killed by the... [Item of the Day]
"Antwerp, 17 July 1938Dear parents, brothers and sisters, please forgive me, but I will have arrived in Spain by the time you receive this letter. It was too bad that I had to leave without a word,... [Item of the Day]
Operation Reckless was D-Day for the Pacific. On 22 April 1944, 52,000 American troops landed in Dutch New Guinea. General MacArthur transformed it into an operating base for the battle in the... [Item of the Day]
Oscar Arias, President of Costa Rica and leader of the Costa Rican social-democratic party PLN, received the Nobel Peace Prize on 13 October 1987 for his role in the realization of the Esquipulas... [Item of the Day]
A small army composed by the Dutch West India Company (WIC) landed on the West African coast to capture the Portuguese trading post Fort Elmina on 24 July 1637. The WIC army comprised 150 local Sabu... [Item of the Day]
During the first two weeks of August 1914, the Germans besieged Liège and Belgium was dragged into the Great War. Nearly a million Belgian refugees poured into the Netherlands.100,000 were to stay... [Item of the Day]
Soldiers from the British First Royal Naval Brigade engaged in the defense of Antwerp inadvertently ended up on Dutch territory on 8 October 1914. As a neutral country, the Dutch government was... [Item of the Day]
In 1917, 3,000 German deserters in Holland were officially registered. But this number should be multipled, as many Germans stayed in Holland illegally. The deserters themselves estimated their... [Item of the Day]