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Germany declares war on Russia on 1 August 1914. Within two weeks an extensive military confrontation between the Russians and the Germans on the Eastern Front followed. Initially, the Germans had to... [Item of the Day]
The invasion of Iran by the Iraqi army in 1980 was the start of a nine-year war between the two countries. It took the Khomeini government two years to strengthen its army and begin a major counter-... [Item of the Day]
On 11 July 1995 the Bosnian Serbian army entered the Muslim enclave of Srebrenica. Thousands of Muslims sought protection in the compound of the Dutch UN peace mission. Dutchbat stood idly by while... [Item of the Day]
Tet, 30 January, is a Vietnamese holiday. This is why the Americans during the Vietnam War were not prepared for the massive offensive that the Vietcong started on this day in 1968. The Tet offensive... [Item of the Day]
Protests against the war in Vietnam were also reflected in Holland. As president of a friendly nation, calling Lyndon B. Johnson a killer was legally proscribed. People would get around the law by... [Item of the Day]
Chokugen, 'the sole publication of the Japanese socialists' was stored in Russia before it came to the IISH. This issue dates from 2 April 1905, in the midst of the Russo-Japanese war. It has the... [Item of the Day]
In the past, as today, the government always needed money. One of the ways to save was to call for public contracts to perform major projects. The project was granted to the lowest bidder. Thus it... [Item of the Day]
When the Americans approached the Buchenwald concentration camp, the SS left on 11 April 1945. The Dutch painter Han Pieck was imprisoned in Buchenwald since 1941 as a communist.  Before the war... [Item of the Day]
On April 15, 1986, the American president Reagan ordered major bombing raids against  "terrorist sites" in Libya. The bombs killed about 60 people, among whom the adopted daughter of Qadhafi. The... [Item of the Day]
In 1993 a message from the PeaceNet Balkans Desk was posted in the newsgroup yugo.antiwar.  It said: "Monday, April 5, marks the first anniversary of the siege of Sarajevo and the start of war in... [Item of the Day]