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The IISH has been hosting the Historical Image Archive on Migrants on its website for several years. Sometimes this project yield archival material well, such as on the Slovenian and Yugoslav miners... [Collection highlight]
Afscheidsfoto gemaakt in 's Lands Hospitaal (Paramaribo) in februari 1957 van de eerste door het psychiatrisch ziekenhuis Maasoord in Poortugaal geworven groep leerling-verpleegsters. Van links naar... [Collection item]
Directeur onderzoek van het IISG Leo Lucassen sprak vorige week met Alejandro Tauber van Motherboard over arbeidsmigratie en nationale grenzen. Wat zou er gebeuren als alle grenzen open zouden zijn?:... [News]
The ongoing debate on the allegedly failed integration of Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands is brought back into focus with the 'bed-bath bread-discussion'. Reason enough to re-issue the book... [News]
Het NRC-artikel van Paul Scheffer uit januari 2000 (‘Het Multiculturele drama’) leidt een hardnekkig bestaan. Hoewel de auteur al jaren roept dat hij helemaal niet zo pessimistisch is over de... [News]
'Globalising Migration History: the Eurasian experience (16th-21st centuries)' edited by IISH Research Fellow Jan Lucassen and IISH's coming Research Director Leo Lucassen, addresses the problem of... [News]
From 23 until 25 March, thirty prominent researchers from all over the world met at the IISH to discuss the theme Exile Studies in Global Labour History and Global Migration History. Both Global... [News]
In the 18th and 19 centuries, thousands of Lippian brick makers came from Germany to the Netherlands to find temporary work. Each spring, they left hearth and home to search for work in neighboring... [News]
Transnational Flows and Permissive Polities in Asia.Willem van Schendel (Asia Department, IISH & University of Amsterdam) has received a four-year grant for an international research programme on... [News]
Migration history is both a prominent part of Global Labour History as well as crucial element of Global Economic History. The study of Global Labour History would be unthinkable without the unfree... [General page]