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Algemeen Hollands Fotopersbureau / Ben van Meerendonk

Since 1990 the IISH holds the large photo collection of the Algemeen Hollands Fotopersbureau (AHF: general Dutch photo press agency). It was founded by photographer Ben van Meerendonk (1913-2008) in 1945.

Although the agency started with several employees, by the fifties it was a one-man business of Van Meerendonk and some assistants. The agency delivered photographs to several Dutch newspapers, such as: De Waarheid, Trouw, De Tijd, Het Vrije Volk, De Telegraaf, Algemeen Dagblad and Het Parool. In addition, some commmercial orders were placed by local shopowners (a hairdresser, bakery, and butcher) as well as by large international companies such as Coca Cola, Philips, and Rank Xerox.

Van Meerendonk developed a few specialties, including photographs of the Dutch Royal family, photoreports on famous Dutchmen in their own home, international celebrities visiting the Netherlands, daily life in Amsterdam (such as Car in canal!, Crash with tram, winter and summer scenes) and sport photography.

Van Meerendonk won the 'Zilveren Camera' award three times (in 1950, 1958 and 1966) for best press photo presented by a jury of photo journalists. He was one of the founders of World Press Photo and secretary of this organisation from 1955 until 1969.

Copyright - license

The copyright on the photographs taken by Algemene Hollands Fotopersbureau (AHF) / Ben van Meerendonk has been transferred to the International Institute of Social History (IISH).
The IISH makes the more than 60,000 photos from the AHF/Ben van Meerendonk collection available as open data under a CC-BY-SA license, the metadata under a CC0 licence. The photos may be distributed and edited, provided that the name of the photographer is mentioned and the photos are made available again under the same license.


A selection of his photos can be found on Flickr, organized around 5 topics:

Thursday 19 October 2006, a street in Amsterdam was named after photographer Ben van Meerendonk.

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  • 'Vroeger toen alles nog leuk was...'(Before, when everything was still fun...)
    IISH, November 10, 1994 - January 6, 1995
  • 'Tsja wat zullen we eten' (Well, what shall we eat)
    Amsterdam - De Burcht, September 23, 1999 - Februari 27, 2000


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